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Burnout and depression – K – weekly online therapeutic coaching sessions for 3 and a half months

‘I contacted Eve because I was exhausted and extremely depressed as a result of it – I was suffering from what I thought was chronic fatigue, had been forced to reduce my working hours and was sleeping most of the time that I wasn’t working.

‘I couldn’t even walk my girls to school (a 2-minute walk) because I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other for that long. I have suffered from recurrent depression since childhood and this was making it worse than ever – I felt completely useless. I was on a high dose of antidepressants but even that was not making me feel well.

‘I worked with Eve online as I live in France – not close enough to meet in person. Eve was always positive, enthusiastic and helpful and, although the sessions could be hard work (exploring thoughts and feelings that could sometimes be uncomfortable), I looked forward to them and enjoyed the time with Eve.

‘Eve encouraged me, amongst other things, to listen to my body, to let myself rest when I need to, to re-discover things that I enjoy doing, to forgive myself for not being perfect, to allow myself time to do things that I want to do. I was fortunate to find a medical reason for my tiredness and my energy levels started to improve during the time I was working with Eve but, even before I got my energy back, I started to feel more and more positive.

‘Now, less than two years later, I am back to full health, I am working full time, I have a real feeling of contentment and my antidepressant medication has been reduced to a tiny fraction of the original dose. I have been training hard this year and have just achieved one of my long-term goals to complete a triathlon. I can’t even describe how proud of myself I was and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve already signed up for the next one in a few weeks time!

‘Working with Eve helped me not only in the short term – improving my outlook and attitude to help me through a very difficult time – but also in the long term as I have taken to heart the lessons learnt and am feeling happier and more positive than I have ever felt before. Thank You, Eve.’

Confidence and self-esteem – S – 4 life coaching sessions

‘Life coaching… “Pah!” I thought. But I gave it a go anyway and am so glad I did. In four sessions (including the initial consultation), I walk tall, shine from within, smile, am confident and feel that I can tackle the world. Eve Menezes Cunningham managed to find the old me again. It was just well hidden and needed to be uncovered. So, thank you so much, Eve.’

Confidence – K – telephone coaching with NLP, weekly for a few months

‘My weekly NLP coaching sessions with Eve Menezes Cunningham have been such an inspiration. She manages to turn every negative thought into a plan for action – though she makes you work hard to come up with your own solutions. Her tips and insights are clever, effective, and produce results. When I’ve been in challenging situations, I have used her techniques to get over my fears and doubts. I even found myself laughing at how ridiculously and needlessly defeatist I had been. Eve brought blessings to my life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get on and achieve their real potential.’

Anxiety and self-care – A – coaching with yoga

‘I have really enjoyed the yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing sessions with Eve Menezes Cunningham. They have made me stop and listen into what my body’s telling me and not just ignore and punish myself into doing stuff. “Be kind to your body” is a phrase which rings in my mind. I’ve learned to feel more able to be kind to myself, not forcing myself. I’ve thought about my responses, tuning into those feelings and being receptive to how yoga can help with my anxiety, incorporating it as part of my routine. It’s been helpful to understand the science behind it. I feel she also has great patience in approaching this slowly and monitoring it.’

Feeling jinxed – Case study – R – short term online coaching with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

R got in touch because she felt jinxed and wanted to deal with this ongoing sense that anything good would be followed by something terrible.

We arranged a time to Skype and I explained a little about how EFT works, where to tap and other practicalities. After talking a bit about her issue, we began with the tapping.

By the end of the first 90 minute session, R sounded much more positive and energised. I emailed her some notes and a reminder of the points and set up statement so she could experiment with it herself on an ongoing basis.

‘I found the sessions really helpful because they moved me forward and really clarified my thinking,’ says R. ‘It was really helpful to articulate the negative things I believed about myself, felt quite daring to affirm unconditional love for myself and also very helpful to move from negative thoughts into “tapping” with more positive thoughts and discoveries about myself.

‘For me at a time when I was feeling “jinxed” it was particularly good to recognise how much of this was coming from inside myself – and how I’d let this affect my choices and my behaviours.

I especially loved playing with the idea of parts and the use of metaphors really worked well for me. I had quite a significant breakthrough realising that it’s fine to be aware that it may still rain (ie, things will go wrong) but that doesn’t have to curtail all my activities. I can still move indoors and carry on regardless. I don’t have to believe that it won’t rain in order to make things happen for myself. I can equip and prepare myself to be ready for issues that arise.

‘I also realised how much of my time I spend trying to be what I think other people want me to be, and this whole session made me more appreciative of how I can use my individuality and my idiosyncratic behaviours to my advantage rather than trying to fit into an imagined notion of what I must be.

‘Lastly, I really found you a very relaxed and hugely engaging person to work with. It felt like a fun exploration of possibilities – like two equals working together. I really appreciated the way you shared the intentions behind so much of what you were asking me to do – and recognising that some of it may feel strange to someone who is still very new to the concept of tapping. Thank you so much.’

Stress – R – Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression participant

‘Thank you again so so much; you will never understand how much you have helped me gain a little bit of normality back in my life just from using the techniques you have taught me. I really enjoyed our classes and you put me at ease straight away.

‘The Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Eve has helped me feel better able to cope better with stressful situations.

‘I mentally “roar” (Lion pose) at people now. Focusing on grounding takes me out of whatever anxious moment I’m in.

‘The breathing exercises, remembering to be kind to myself, chanting, poses, and noticing physical sensations like itches (and the itch magically disappearing!) has been most helpful.

‘Thank you so much for the learning, understanding and most of all, the giggles.’

Self-care – A – Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression participant

‘It helped bring peace to the mind and body by slowing things down. I found reading the manual beneficial as that, with the sessions, made sense of each other. I’ll continue using the different breath techniques for lifting and calming.

‘Many thanks. You have given shape and form to my understanding and practice. I’ve enjoyed your humour and gentle approach’

Self-care – G – 6 weeks of coaching with yoga

‘I wanted to learn how to try and relax and take more time for myself. Yoga therapy with Eve helped because whenever I felt worried or unsure I thought about what she had said and tried to put into practice some of the breathing and stretching exercises.

‘It was very calming and relaxing and made me think about looking after myself more and how breathing in various ways can make such a difference to how you feel.

‘Eve is a lovely person with a real understanding of what people are feeling and her gentle but positive way of explaining everything helped me to enjoy the sessions with her. Thanks so much. This really helped me to feel better about things.’

Self-esteem – P – telephone coaching, fortnightly for a few months

‘I really feel I’ve benefited from your coaching. You’re doing a great job and the Session Summaries are a great help. I really liked your option of session times and the choices of their regularity. The main thing I notice is how intently you listen, I’m often surprised how accurately you come back on something that I’ve said. It’s been excellent. I already feel I’m benefiting significantly, and I look forward to speaking to you again.’

Grief and loss – Case study – T – mid term (22 sessions) counselling and therapeutic coaching

T came to me due to relationship issues and unresolved loss compounded by loss (three major bereavements and marriage ending).

I suggested we meet for an initial 90 minute session so I could assess the best way to work with him and he could see if he wanted to work with me.

I explained that I usually start seeing clients for 6 weekly sessions and that, for most people, it takes longer so after 6 sessions, we might move to a more open ended contract.

We did this and had 22 sessions in total. Early on, T experienced another major upheaval and was able to talk about it in our sessions. T seemed to lighten and brighten as he spoke about things he’d not voiced before.

After about 10 sessions, his focus had shifted from the painful (both distant and recent) past to increasing enthusiasm about his future. We spoke about changing from counselling to integrative coach-therapy sessions to better support these next steps.

T is now looking forward to enrolling in a college course as a first step to working in an area he’s always had a passion for. He is also spending more time travelling and taking time for the things he enjoys.

‘If you were to do a time frame split of me now [April] standing next to where I was in November, you’d see the difference physically,’ says T.

‘It’s amazing how that stress and negativity, if there’s no outlet, poisons you. If I hadn’t spoken to you, I don’t know where I would be. I always felt better when I left after a session. I was quite a broken person back then. I feel 1000 times more upbeat than I was in November and look forward to forging ahead with my interests.’

Confidence – S – telephone coaching

‘Another wonderful session – thank you so much! I’ve gained some really unexpected insights and motivation from our sessions, and am delighted to be feeling more positive and confident about my work.’

Confidence – D – Yoga

‘I was looking for an alternative to counselling after reaching a rather low point in my life. Since I have started more regular yoga therapy classes, there seems to be a huge change in me (others have noticed it also).

‘I feel that my confidence has grown and my outlook on life has improved greatly. The variation of the themes of each week combined with the physical practice, meditation and relaxation have provided well balanced classes and an innovative approach to yoga.’

Anxiety – N – coaching with yoga

‘I was experiencing a tough time and had a lot of back to back events coming up that were making me very anxious, my previous therapy sessions were useful and I enjoy the relaxing effect of yoga, so the two combined in yoga therapy seemed ideal.

‘It calmed me and got me through all my big events. Plus I have good/useful ways to help me everyday. The de-stress yoga positions and mindfulness worked best and I loved the Yoga Nidra.

‘I’ll continue to use all of it in some form: Definitely the Sun Salutation cycle and de-stress yoga positions. I have set aside a nice space in my bedroom to start practicing meditation.

‘Every morning as I wake, I practice mindfulness and I also do this at night before bed, to allow myself to relax and not stress about things out of my control. Thank you for the calm place to relax and great techniques to help me through.’

Potential – R – telephone coaching, fortnightly for a few months

‘Sometimes I think I’ve set myself too many coaching tasks for the week, but with Eve gently pushing me I am constantly surprised at how much I get done.

‘Each time I tick off an action I’ve set with Eve Menezes Cunningham, I feel great and am often motivated to go even further than we planned. I like Eve’s gentle manner, friendliness, encouragement and enthusiasm.’

Potential – A – telephone coaching with EFT

‘EFT is really beneficial for feeling more positive and Eve Menezes Cunningham makes it simple and easy to follow. I found it very helpful.’

Confidence – Confidence coaching for writers workshop

‘When I got my book deal, I returned to my notes from Eve Menezes Cunningham’s coaching workshop and it helped remind me that I am a writer. Re-reading the exercises also stimulated my confidence and helped me when I felt stuck.’ ~ A

Case study – Becoming an embodied practitioner workshop for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Practitioner Conference in Leeds, April, 2015

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is one of the best respected professional bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. As a psychosynthesis counsellor and coach-therapist, I’m a registered member myself.

Since March 2014, I’ve served on BACP’s Coaching Executive. First as their Specialist for Communications and, since January 2017, as Chair.

I was asked to share some ways to help therapists and coach-therapists better support themselves (and, as a knock on, their clients) so put together a proposal.

Drawing on my various holistic therapies (including psychosynthesis, life coaching, NLP, EFT, coach-therapy, yoga therapy for mental health and even, for those who wanted to at the end, crystals), I outlined a bespoke workshop to support professionals who spend their working lives being there for others.

It was chosen as one of the conference’s Self Care Strand workshops. Initially expecting about 25 people, I was later asked if more would be acceptable so I adapted the workshop a little. I wanted to share as many self-help tools as possible while holding the space for a larger number.

On the day of the main conference, 48 people attended my self-care workshop. They were a lovely, open group, happy to experiment with different mind, body, heart and soul techniques. As with so many caring professionals, understanding the benefits of their self-care for others seemed to help motivate many to prioritise their own wellbeing that bit more.

My 90 minute workshop came at the end of the first day and some of the relaxation offered a way for participants to wind down a little before the majority headed home (some stayed on for BACP Coaching’s Day the next day).

‘I would once again like to thank you for being part of our BACP Practitioner Conference,’ said BACP’s Events Organiser, Jade Ingham-Mulliner.

‘I really appreciate you taking the time to come and present to our members. ‘On the evaluation form, we asked delegates to rate the presentations they attended out of 10, 10 being the highest score. After this, I collated the scores and calculated an average. Your presentation scored a very pleasing 8.6. We are really pleased with the feedback we have received regarding your presentation so thank you.’

Case study – AgeUK Lewisham, London

AgeUK Lewisham got in touch wanting me to help some of their staff better manage the stress involved with looking after a vulnerable population. I put a proposal together outlining potential workshops lasting a day, half a day or 90 minutes.

They opted for the half day workshop and I went to south London to work with the small team. As well as some psychoeducation around what happens to the body and brain when we’re stressed, I shared several self-care tools, also facilitating a space for them to share with each other. They were already a cohesive team and were willing to experiment with a wide range of tools including some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga and mindfulness.

‘A big thank you from the team for your session,’ said their manager, Camilla Biggs, afterwards. ‘There was a lot of really positive feedback and people wanted me to pass on how useful and very personalised to their individual roles and feelings on techniques for self-care you were.’