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Free optional Sleep Log to help you become a sleep detective and do more of the things that support you in getting a great night’s sleep and feeling rested, refreshed and alert during waking hours.

A chronic insomniac from primary school until my late teens, I wish I’d known earlier just how effective simple mindbody tools can be for better sleep.  

These Sleep Yoga classes include pranayama (breath practices), asana (physical practice – suitable for all levels), self-care tools and a yoga nidra. 

Click HERE to find out more about some other ways in which you might work with me to improve your sleep.

These classes start on Tuesday, 9th January, 2018 and run every Tuesday from 5-6pm until 13th February. 

Book a 6 week block for the special introductory price of £7 per 60 minute class – just £42.