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for Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Witham, Essex

'This evidence-based course consists of basic psycho-education around how the body and mind influence each other, basic yoga postures, gentle breathing techniques, mindfulness practices and relaxation practices.' ~ Heather Mason, founder of The Minded Institute and creator of Yoga Therapy of the Mind

Begin to retrain your brain and nervous system in 8 weeks, going from stress, anxiety and depression to a greater sense of wellbeing and ease in the world as well as on your yoga mat.

Whether you simply want to better manage work and other stresses and build resilience or you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, this course will help you better understand your mind-body connection.During the first three weeks, you’ll learn how to use your breath to change the way you feel (something you can do anytime, anywhere) as well as learning yoga asanas (postures) you’ll be encouraged to practice at home.You'll then learn more about the body’s role in emotional health and finally, you'll explore mindfulness of the mind. Each week, as well as practicing yoga and pranayama (breath work), you’ll learn specific tools to help you understand what’s happening in your body and brain when you feel anxious / stressed / depressed and so on. And you’ll be able to learn from each other during group sharing times, too.


The Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course has been featured in titles including:


You will receive a comprehensive manual and CDs. Each week, you’ll have homework (some reading, your yoga and meditative practice) to help you ground these tools and techniques as you do the course and to support you in building a life long practice.

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