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in Witham, Essex

Would you like to book a private your class or block of classes for a small group (up to three people)?

Ideal whether you want to celebrate a birthday, new job, graduation or anything else in an unusual way or simply because you'd prefer your own class, get in touch today to find out about booking at a mutually convenient time.

I can create a bespoke class for your group's specific needs as well as offering a wide range of popular themes to choose from.

Classes start at £30 for an hour, £38 for 75 minutes or £45 for 90 minutes. Discounts available for block booking.

While all include pranayama (breath practices), asana (physical postures) and relaxation (including yoga nidras, body scans, mindfulness and other meditative techniques, visualisations and other tools to support you in becoming friendlier with your body and mind), with a private class, you can decide what you want most focus on.