feelbettereveryday.co.uk ~ self-care for your mind, body, heart and soul. Integrative clinical supervision, psychosynthesis counselling and coaching with yoga, meditation, crystals, NLP and EFT. In Essex (Witham, Colchester and Frinton on Sea) and worldwide via telephone and Vsee or Skype

As your yoga teacher, I'll:

* listen not just to your words but support you in noticing your breath and posture to get a better understanding of what will help you most

* teach you practical tools including asana (physical hatha yoga practice), pranayama (breath work), meditation and relaxation to help you use your body and breath to retrain your brain and nervous system

* support you in integrating these new practices into your life so they become an enjoyable part of your routine and

* help you understand how to motivate yourself.

I have been interested in the therapeutic effects of yoga since using it to help myself with a chronic pain condition in 2001. While pictures of yogis doing seemingly impossible things with their bodies can feel off putting, ultimately, yoga is a lovely and effective way to become friendlier with your own body and mind.

As well as welcoming anyone who wants to learn more about the mind, body, heart and soul benefits of yoga and people wanting to maximise their potential and boost their wellbeing, I specialise in supporting people who are struggling with sleep issues, stress, anxiety, burn out / depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) .

Yoga therapy for mental health, wellbeing and sleep individual sessions, classes, workshops and courses can have both short term and long lasting benefits. They can help you learn how to use your body and breath to experience almost instant relief while ongoing practice can encourage neuroplasticity, retrain your brain and autonomic nervous system.

They're an effective style of body work (using asanas from the hatha yoga tradition) where you're working with your own body rather than having anything done to you. You can continue to benefit by building consolidating your practice between sessions / classes.

Often, when we try to think ourselves calm, we can’t do it. Instead of feeling better, we may even end up beating ourselves up about feeling stressed, anxious, traumatised, unable to sleep or depressed. Because 80% of the messages between body and brain go from body to brain, we can use mindfulness of breath and movement to improve the way we feel and potentially retrain our brains and nervous systems.

The neuroscientist Dr Chris Streeter discovered that just one hour of yoga increased GABA - this is the brain’s major inhibitory neurotransmitter that was mimicked in drugs like Xanax. Streeter's discovery can motivate us to get onto our mats when we want to ease stress and anxiety naturally.

But just as you wouldn’t take medication or even a multivitamin just once, I will support you in building a personalised daily yoga practice which will help you manage life’s current and future challenges more easily.

I teach small yoga therapy and mindfulness classes at my consulting room in the heart of Witham, Essex.

Larger group work elsewhere (from workplaces to gyms and hospitals) is available across Essex and London.

And I also work with individuals.

In my classes, you’ll learn things about yourself on your yoga mat that you may have done unconsciously for years in your everyday life. And as you build strength, flexibility and resilience on your yoga mat, life’s ups and downs will feel much easier to manage.



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My teaching background

My yoga classes, courses, workshops and individual sessions draw on my yoga therapy training as well as my experience with my other therapies (counselling, coaching, NLP, EFT and crystals) which I integrate as appropriate.

I trained with the Minded Institute (a 350 hour training) and am a certified Minded Yoga Therapist / Yoga Therapist for Mental Health. Heather Mason's unique training programme blended yoga, psychotherapy, neuroscience and mindfulness and itincluded guest lectures by world renowned neuroscientists, mindfulness and yoga researchers including Daniel Siegel, Patricia Gerbarg and Chris Streeter.

Previous personal experience with PTSD and anxiety as well as depression (and, who hasn’t experienced stress?) meant I immediately recognised the benefits it could bring to my counselling, coaching and complementary therapy clients.

I have also benefitted from numerous additional CPD trainings including 4 days with Dr Anodea Judith learning about Chakra Therapy (incorporating western psychologies including psychosynthesis, yoga and bioenergetics) and 4 days with Lisa Sanfilippo, learning her Organic Awakening for Insomnia and Better Sleep Method. Lisa's transpersonal approach (seeing insomnia and other issues as 'a call to awaken') fits beautifully with my psychosynthesis counselling background and Organic Awakening incorporates yogic philosophy, Ayuvedic marma points, psycho-education around sleep (and insomnia's) impact on body and brain as well as ways to work holistically to sleep better and feel more awake and energised during the day.

I blend what I've learned from them with my other therapeutic practices and experience. I love sharing these practical, effective and potentially transformative tools with yoga students and clients.

I love helping people use their breath and movement to improve the way they feel (while safely learning to tolerate and accept the things that can't be changed).

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I've taught yoga therapy classes at organisations including Hoxton Health at St Leonard's Hospital, PCP Chelmsford and AMT's (the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies) 2014 conference. I teach tiny classes from the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy in Witham, Essex and, from November 2014 to December 2015 taught a weekly class at DS Fitness Experience.

Since August 2016, I've been teaching the Thursday 12.30-1.45pm Yoga and Meditation class at Benton Hall and sometimes cover for other yoga classes there. I'm now offering Sleep Yoga classes from the Tree Room in Colchester.

I am a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. It also means I can offer CPD workshops to other members.