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Do you have a sense of your purpose on this planet? Are you living up to your potential? Are you on the ‘right track’ in some areas but need support in others?

It’s so inspiring to see people at the top of their game, be it during the Olympics or watching profiles or reading interviews with amazing actors, writers, artists, scientists, athletes and more.

And yet many people struggle more than need be by comparing themselves to others and attempting to become something that they’re not meant to be. Round peg, square hole syndrome.

‘You don’t have to teach a seed how to become a flower, just as, given the right conditions, the immanent knowing of life’s purpose is accessible [to you]… if a seed of an oak tree tries to become a rose bush, it has a problem. It won’t work. We all know the experience of trying to become something we are not… It is only through the restoration of our connection to our deeper Being that our own unique seed can blossom’ ~ Diana Whitmore

Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, if you worry that you’ve lost (or never had) a sense of purpose or feel you could be doing more, I would love to help you find more purpose and meaning in your life, work and relationships and live up to your potential.

My psychosynthesis counselling, life coaching and NLP background and experience means that I work with clients' potential (at whatever level is appropriate) rather than only seeing the problems.

So even if your main issue is stress, anxiety, trauma, self harm or insomnia, I can help you find the lesson in every experience, finding purpose and meaning and, potentially, transforming your life.

Even life's most painful experiences can help us get back in touch with our true purpose and potential.

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I love supporting clients in their journeys by:

* clearing energy blocks and limiting beliefs

* helping you explore any unconscious fears and self-sabotage

* supporting you in setting goals that will inspire you (while breaking them down into small enough steps so they stay inspirational rather than overwhelming) and

encouraging you to open up to guidance to enable you to quickly identify (and act on) opportunities.

Through life coaching, transpersonal counselling, integrative coach-therapy, yoga therapy, NLP and EFT (or a blend of two or more of these to suit your unique needs), I love helping people pay more attention to their inner wisdom, maximise their own potential and live more authentic and fulfilling lives.