Online integrative therapy, supervision and coaching (with counselling, yoga, EFT, NLP and crystals). Also available via telephone and in Essex

Feeling moody, agitated and irritable? More prone to catching any cold and infection going around? Unable to sleep? Feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight? High blood pressure? Low energy and loss of sex drive? Tight and tense muscles and aches (including headaches)? Having other health conditions exacerbated when stressed? Would you like to feel better?

Eustress is a positive form of stress. Like when we push ourselves physically and the build muscle or emotionally or mentally and learn more and become better. We're working hard but usually enjoying the challenge as we grow stronger. Although we're doing our best, it feels possible. This kind of stress can help us flourish.

Distress, on the other hand, is what most of us mean when we growl, ‘I’m so stressed!’ This is what Nietzsche might have meant when he said that that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


If we're under too much stress for too long, while it may not kill us instantly, apart from triggering the release of excess cortisol and even prematurely aging the body, this potentially toxic form of stress can lead to burn out, depression and a whole host of illnesses.

Yes, we may well look back and realise that our most challenging times brought great growth and wisdom. But wouldn't you like to learn how to support yourself better during those times so they're not quite so painful and exhausting?


As well as preventing stress related illnesses, learning to manage stress and prioritising relaxation can help you boost your overall health and wellbeing.

Relaxation also boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow to the heart, regulates blood sugar levels, improves fertility and reduces inflammation (so eases skin disorders, heart disease and arthritis), asthma and general pain symptoms.You may think relaxation is impossible for you. Or you may just find it quite challenging. It may even just be a case of feeling you don't have time to relax. Focusing on time management and organisational tools may help you more than the work around values and beliefs many others need.

Whatever your reasons, whether you're struggling to sleep or switch off, snapping at your loved ones or just feel tired all the time, you can learn tools that work for you.

I look forward to supporting you in finding relaxation tools and techniques (while meditation can be wonderful, one of the most powerful tools is learning to be more assertive in your day to day life) which will work for you.


I can help you better manage stress by:

* helping you develop resilience

* listening to you to help you explore your stress triggers

* helping you put supports in places

* teaching you about the body and brain's role so you can work with mind, body, heart and soul as appropriate

* supporting you in retraining your nervous system so no matter how stressful life gets, you can return to these simple tools

* helping you understand and release old patterns and create more support for yourself

* helping you find the opportunities for growth and transformation in even the most stressful situations and

* supporting you in creating and maintaining sustainable and lasting improvements.

I specialise in supporting people (via integrative coach-therapy, counselling, life coaching, yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing, and EFT) in setting better boundaries at work and in their relationships, prioritising self-care and finding out what will work best for their personality (even if you hate the idea of yoga, I can support you in finding other ways to get similar benefits) and lifestyle.