feelbettereveryday.co.uk ~ self-care for your mind, body, heart and soul. Integrative clinical supervision, psychosynthesis counselling and coaching with yoga, meditation, crystals, NLP and EFT. In Essex (Witham, Colchester and Frinton on Sea) and worldwide via telephone and Vsee or Skype

I can incorporate the following ways of working. Let me know which appeal and we can bring them into the process.

psychosynthesis is a holistic, transpersonal and humanistic form of counselling with psychodynamic roots

tapping helps us release blocked energy, reducing stress and other symptoms 

yoga is a way of becoming friendlier with our own bodies and minds

crystals can help us focus on our goals, tap into our intuition and support us in a variety of ways

therapeutic coaching means we can work with goals and a future focus while also addressing deeper issues as required

life coaching can help us identify what we want out of life and support us in making it a reality

neuro-linguistic programming offers tools to help us set and reach goals that work with our lives

supervision can help us see our practices more clearly, offering space to reflect

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