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Not a cure but useful tool to support you in all sorts of areas from meditation to goal setting

Do you want to:

* learn how to use crystals yourself (for your own physical, mental, emotional or spiritual support)?
* experience crystal therapy (at my consulting room in Witham or via a distant healing session)?
* benefit from some additional support meditating? or 
* use crystals to add an extra dimension to your coaching process?

Rocks and crystals do much more than simply look good. They can be used for grounding, clarity, protection, purpose, manifestation and much more.

If you're drawn to crystals and like the idea of using them in complementary therapy or for meditation, they're likely to support you in that process. If you're not, I don't imagine you're reading this page (but if you are, you might want to find a complementary therapy that resonates more for you).

I'll help you incorporate crystals into your own life by:

* listening to you to find out what will suit you best at this time

* teaching you how to choose, cleanse and dedicate stones for self-healing and goal setting

* supporting you in creating a holistic lifestyle to support your getting the most from your crystal therapy sessions and

* offer you crystal therapy to enable your body's natural healing processes work better.


Click here to read my tips on working with crystals in Soul & Spirit magazine

While some people make quite outlandish claims about crystals' healing properties, crystal therapy is a complementary (not alternative) therapy. Please always seek appropriate medical advice about any health issues.

Crystals are not a cure for anything. But they can aid relaxation and sleep, support goal setting, enhance meditation and act as a catalyst for the body's natural healing processes. When we are relaxed, our bodies are naturally primed for regeneration, rest, recharging and repair.