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Therapeutic coaching (also known as integrative coach-therapy and Personal Consultancy) incorporates both to help you get the most out of the process at every stage of your journey

I am an experienced and qualified coach and counsellor. I was one of the first people in the UK to train at Post Graduate Certificate level in Integrative Counselling and Coaching. You can benefit from both approaches as appropriate to the stage you're at in your journey.

The focus of the sessions is always up to you. I can let you know when different options arise so you can choose for yourself.

Integrative can sound jargony but simply means that I can draw on a range of approaches for maximum efficacy. If you're interested in incorporating NLP, EFT, yoga therapy and/or crystals, I can bring these in, as appropriate, too.


The therapeutic coacing approach is relatively new. My work as Chair  for BACP (the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Coaching and, having served as member of the Coaching Executive since 2014, means that I've been immersed in this pioneering approach. 

Therapeutic coaching is growing in popularity. You can benefit from the depth work counselling offers as well as the more dynamic approach of coaching.

If you imagine yourself as a house, some kinds of counselling would be all about the foundations. You'd be doing important work in the sessions, really attending to deep seated issues, but it might be a while before you saw results. 

Coaching is more on the surface. You might quickly create a beautiful looking house with all sorts of stunning features but, on its own, while facilitating obvious improvements, they may not be as long lasting as you'd hope without that deeper. structural work. Thereapeutic coaching offers the best of both worlds. 

As your therapeutic coach, I'll:

* help you explore your inner world

* listen to you

* support you in making lasting and sustainable changes

* encourage you

* help you learn how to motivate yourself

* support you in setting and reaching your goals and

* help you understand and overcome any unconscious self-sabotage

I will check in with you each time the focus of the work has the potential to shift from coaching to counselling. This will ensure you're aware of your options at every stage. The choice is always yours.