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While everyone is different, here are some typical scenarios:

Counselling and integrative coach-therapy

Most people continue onto the six initial sessions after the first 90 minute session. After this, the majority continue to work in a more open-ended way. This means continuing with weekly sessions but ending when appropriate rather than booking six week blocks.

I do some long term work (years) but my coaching background means the majority of my clients come for short to mid-term work, weekly for between four and ten months.

Other ways of working

Yoga  therapy, coaching, NLP, EFT and crystals can be integrated into your coach-therapy but some prefer these sessions seperately. 

When done separately, sessions tend to be less frequent (fortnightly or even monthly) and can last longer than the usual 60 minutes.

Typically, people have six of these types of sessions although some clients continue for longer (and some have fewer).

What do you have in mind? You don't have to know at this stage. We can see how it goes with regular reviews.