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Thank you for buying, borrowing or contemplating my book. You'll find the bonus videos and audios below.

You can join my Facebook group HERE and let me know how you're getting on implementing the tools and/or if you have any questions or feedback. I aim to check in most days. You can also use the #365waystofeelbetter hashtag on Instagram (FIND ME HERE) or twitter (HERE) to help me see your posts. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you add to your existing resources.

Enormous thanks to the supertalented Amy Brennan Whittington for her beautiful original and other designs in the book.

You can see more of her work by clicking here or the image to the left.

Bonus videos

Some of the self-care tips benefit from additional information so I've created a series of videos (enormous thanks to Clout Media, click here for more information) to help. Obviously, they'll make more sense with the book (the dates on the videos refer to the dates in the book). But whether you have it or not, if you're watching these videos, I hope you find them useful. 

While the Acknowledgments in the book go into more detail, you can find out more information about Heather Mason and the Minded Institute here, Stephanie Harrison (my crystal therapy trainer) here, Julia Johnson (my EFT trainer) here. And Clare Myatt (for somatic therapeutic coaching) here.

Introduction to these videos

Legs Up Wall, Shoulder Stand and Plough

Yogic twists



Sphinx, Cobra and Up Dog

Down Dog


Mindful breathing

Dirga breath

Tree pose


Forward Folds

Warrior II and other heart opening poses





Restorative Fish

Ujjayi breath

Brahmari (Humming bee breath)

Alternative Nostril Breathing

Three-part breath


Yoga nidra

EFT shortcut

Grounding, Centring and Dragon's Tail

Kapalabhati breath




Working with crystals